Oldenburgs are beautiful, big and gentle german warmblood horses. They have a beautiful conformation and gaits and over all they are great sport horses.That's why Marigold Acres is mainly breeding oldenburg horses. Our oldenburgs all will gain some good reputations on shows first, so if you consider buying a foal of us you can already know what talents it could inherit and the parents proofed they're worth buying a foal of.


Our goal is to breed oldenburger with not only a great body but also a great temperament, calm, friendly and obedient they should be and blessed with agility, speed and grace. To achieve that goal we don't rely on just one lineage but try to improve the genetics with fresh blood from other equestrian centers.


Not only the pureblood horses are beautiful or can do well in shows - the same also affects horses of mixed breed. If you choose the right horses and breeds to mix you can breed wonderful equines with a good character and lots of talent in various disciplines. And this is exactly what Marigold Acres wants. Here we rely mostly on belgian warmblood horses and horses with belgian warmbloods in their pedigree. Our foundation horses are foals at the moment, but we still are extremely proud to call them ours and can't wait to start breeding.


Our mission is to breed warmblood horses with talent in show jumping and dressage, with a good trustable character and a beautiful conformation.