Emelia Potter

Emelia Potter is the main owner of Marigold Acres and responsible for breeding programs, for showing the horses and the general management of the equestrian center. She is always there for everyone, tries to catch up with other riders, cares for everything and is mainly riding at events.


She resides at the main stable of Marigold Acres.

Elaina Potter

Elaina is Emelias older sister and more of an indoor girl. She rides as well, but prefers trail riding and the western riding style and is a bit too inexperienced to participate in events. She's responsible for the Accounting and keeps an attentive eye at the house.


She resides at the main house with Emelia.

Trainers and Grooms

Sven Jorensson

Sven Jorensson is the trainer of the facility. He is responsible for the younger horses and their development and he also works with foals so that they learn to accept halters and give hoofs. He also can solve horse problems and has a good reputation around the equestrian center.


He resides at the Mare & Foal Stable.

Mickey O'Dourke

Mickey O'Dourke is the Mare & Foal groom and responsible for the well-being of all pregnant mothers and the mares with young foals. He also cleans the stables. Mickey is the good soul of the equestrian center, he can help with any smaller problems around the barn.


He resides at the Mare & Foal Stable.