Marigold has horses for sale from time to time, although there are none at the moment. If you want a horse, please first read the policy down below and then send me an application via E-Mail to You can find a form which you should fill out at the bottom of the page. All informations are required but if you want, you can tell more about your plans or the horses maybe-future home.

Sales Policy

  • Only one copy of each horse is distributed and if you want to resell a horse you bought here please keep it that way.
  • The horse must keep it's name exactly as it is, including the prefix MAE. You may not add your own prefix, as we do not add our own prefix to others horses anymore. However you may choose the barn name as you wish.
  • You are not allowed to change a horses coat or conformation after you bought it from us! You may change the style of the mane and tail however you please, but please don't change the coat itself - it's what makes the horse unique.
  • Link back to Marigold Acres Equestrian somewhere on the new horse profile. This is a must!

Sales Application Form

Your Screenname:

Your E-Mail:


Name of your Stable:
Name of the horse you want:

Intended purpose of the horse:


Have you read the sales policy stated here?


You can always write me more if you want!