Cash Book

The cash book isn't really a cash book this time but shows all the sold and buyed horses, the breed requests of Marigold Acres, the breed requests of others as well as finished trainings and so on. Just about everything that happens with other equestrians. If there is an amount of cash determined (for example for horses we bought) it's also written down.


Here you can basically track our trades and transactions. After three months the books get archived and can only be viewed by staff.

May 2012

Category Subject
01. May Purchase EEC MAE Anywhere but Here from EEC
10. May Purchase RFE MAE LimitEd Moonlight -
13. May Purchase DEE Only For You from DEE -
17. May Sale MAE Far From Home to EEC -
17. May Sale MAE Morning Smoke to Rena Humble -
22. May Sale MAE More Than A Feeling to SLS -