If you want to breed a mare to one of Marigold Acres' stallions, first pick the one you want to cover your mare. Then please fill out the form at the bottom of the page and send it via E-Mail, along with the household file as specified in the policy below.


In some exeptional cases a breeding request can be refused. You will be informed about this and in case the file you attached will not be downloaded. We will not keep a copy of your mare after we sent her back to you.

Stallions at Stud

Show Name
MAE Faraway Kingdom
EEC Certified Oldenburger

Breeding Policy

  • Send us the mare as .sim-File not as Sims3Pack - that way no installation is required. I will send you mother and foal back with a sim (without custom content) as a household. 
  • Please be aware that I use Equus' and Silverdragon Estates' Markings so your foal could require those. If you want a cc-free foal, tell me.
  • If you breed your mare to one of our stallions the foal can either have MAE's and your prefix or only ours, however you wish, although we generally prefer if there's only one prefix in the names of our foals.

Breeding Application Form

Please fill out the form below - all informations are required!


Your Screenname:

Your E-Mail:


Stable Name:

Mare to be covered:

Link to her profile:


Stallion you wish to breed her with:

Future purpose of the foal:


Have you read the Policy stated here?