Public Buildings

Riding School

A part of Marigold Acres is the public riding school with a big riding hall a sand dressage arena and a normal sand arena without dressage markers where riding lessons take place. THe riding lessons are only offered to teens and older and are at the moment restricted to people with connections to Marigold Acres. On this lot all the dressage events take place. It features bike racks as well as a place to tie the horses if they need to wait. There's also a small office building nearby.

Show Jumping Arena

This is the place where the show jumping training and events happens. There is a grass arena and an arena with sand. The two arenas are of different size which teaches the rider to work with different settings, so that going to show jumping events is a bit easier. The jumps are intermediate to advanced and the setup changes from time to time, according to whatever difficulty level the rider is. In those arenas show jumping competitions can take place in a beautiful surrounding..

Dressage Ring & Training Ground

To allow the horses and riders to train for dressage events on grass a little grass dressage ring was built up near the coast of the island. The same place also offers a training ground for horses with lower skills in agility and speed and therefore is often ued by more inexperienced riders.

Cross Country Course

The Cross Country Course is made specially for cross country events and features a track through nearly untouched nature of Marigold Isle. The jumps are set so they fit into the landscape perfectly and are for advanced riders only. For people not belonging to Marigold Acres' Staff this course is closed untill their riding skills are inspected. The Cross Country Course also features a small place with hay and water for horses that need a small break.

Harbour Building

The harbour building is the most important place on the island, considering it hosts not only the harbour office which coordinates the ferry and hands out informations for passengers but also a small veterinary clinic for the surrounding island. The vet clinic is led by Dr. Scott, who is also the main veterinary doctor for Marigolds' Equines. But the heart of the island is the small café where riders and staff meet and drink a cup of tea together if they want.