The Isle

Marigold Isle is a flat Island; there is really only one softly sloped hill and no mountains or cliffs. It is part of a small island group not far away from the coast, right where the river Simomon meets the sea. Because of the water composition those islands are famous for their richness in fish and fishing possibilities as well as their moderate climate. That’s why they were home to many fishermen as well as farmers which preferred the peaceful and quiet location over the exposed position near Riverview. The island group is perfect for outdoor activities like riding and hiking, which was one of the reasons for moving here.

Where the island faces the sea the wind is blowing stronger and the coast is rougher and rocky while the shore pointing towards the mainland is calmer and sandier. Loose trees and small woods around the island create shady places to rest and there are a lot of excellent fishing spots. Apparently there is only one trail for riding but since the forests are open and the ground is firm so there is no need to stay on streets and walkways, you can explore nature without limitations.

Ferry Route

Although Marigold Acres is surrounded by water it’s still connected with the rest of the world. The dreamy island is part of a ferry route from Riverview through the Simomon across the Sea to the biggest Island of this archipelago, Corne Isle. The ferry is able to transport horses (only with good weather though, when the weather is rough horses will have to temporarily remain  at a stable near the harbor in Riverview untill the weather is better) and it departs hourly. It takes fifteen minutes from Riverview to Marigold Isle and twenty to Corne. The ferry normally costs §5 but visitors of Marigold Acres can ride for free.

Roleplay Informations!

If you want you can roleplay the archipelago together with me, just create an Island (or download one, for example Marigold Isle which you can find under the "downloads"-Tab) and send me a short message then I'll add you to the ferry route map.