Main Stable

The main stable is where the horses under saddle and participating in events are housed. Nine box stalls in the larger house with the owner's apartments can house stallions and geldings of any breed, providing a close monitoring from the personnel as well as the possibility to separate the horses. There are four outdoor box stalls facing the small training arena and eight with one pasture for two box stalls. Those are called the double turnout box stalls.

Mare and Foal Stable

To provide best care for young foals and their mothers most pregnant mares move over to the mare and foal stable. There are several double turnout box stalls available either for two pregnant mothers or for mothers and their older foals and yearlings. Foals bought by Marigold Acres live at the foal group stable so they can enjoy social contacts even without their own mother nearby. Those foals get bottlefed by the groom Mickey O'Dourke as long as they need it.

Stallion Stations

The stallion stations are three smaller stables, of which two have three box stalls and one has four box stalls. They are specially made for stallions that are retired from sporting and now serve in a breeding program, although only stallions with good characters are allowed to live there. For each breed Marigold Acres hosts there is one stallion station, for the warmbloods, the oldenburgs and last but not least the unicorns horses. Currently the stations are not occupied.


All horse box stalls are modern and comfortable, they all feature straw bedding made with sun-dryed straw grown on the island itself. The horses get the best hay from the golden field. We also feed oats and grains just as much every horse needs, perfectly balanced to their performance. Our equines not living in turnout box stalls where they can decide if they want to stay inside or outside go on a big pasture at least 6 hours a day and are ridden on a daily basis.


Our veterinary Dr. Scott gives our equines veterinary care if they need it and does a monthly check-up on all horses. He also inspects new horses before they can join the island. A farrier visits us once a month and can be called if needed more frequently. All the staff of Marigold Acres is qualified and cares for each and every horse on the isle.


If you sell us your horse, you can be sure it will have a good life at Marigold Acres.