Isle and Residence

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The facility of Marigold Acres contains of wide and open building structures, made specially for horses and riders. The center of the island is the main stable and the mare and foal stable right next to it. Those two stables are surrounded by the stallion stables, hosting three to four box stalls each, and the public buildings. You can find more informations about the horses housing and the public parts of the facility when clicking on the corresponding subpages.


Every stable features a small apartment for the staff caring for the horses, so if they choose to they can fully live on Marigold Isle - and many of them do! Every apartment is fully furnished and some are even open for dogs and cats too.


The island around the stable might not be the largest but it's full of beautiful places and can be explored completely on horse back since the ground is very firm and the woods are lush and bushy. A ferry passes the harbour every 30 minutes either in direction of Corne Isle or back to Riverview. Find more informations about the ferry and the island on the Isle Informations-subpage.


You soon will also be able to explore the island yourself. It will be downloadable within the next few days!