A small Start

It all startet on a small farm in Riverview, located right above the river, where the sisters Emelia and Elaina were  born and raised. Their parents had two horses and teached their kids how to ride early already. While Emelia enjoyed it, Elaina prefered to stay on the ground and when they grew up it was no surprise to anyone that Emelia stayed on the farm and wanted to breed horses and Elaina went to University. Both had arguments with each other at that time, but after some years they met again and made peace.


Emelia then told Elaina about her plan to open her own equestrian center in Riverview, and Elaina agreed to help her with accounting and managing the household. They found an old but still beautiful equestrian center outside the village, close to the fields and the open land. Emelia had seen an Oldenburg horse on an auction and fell in love with that breed and it didn't take long for her to find a buckskin stallion and a chestnut mare to start her breeding program. The horses could move directly to the new equestrian center.

Marigold Acres

Emelia named the new Equestiran Center Marigold Acres because a Marigold was, what she first saw when arriving at the new barn. It was a quite large facility with a stable part and a public area for training and for smaller events.And it was beautiful. It had that old, homey feeling Emelia was looking for and she could imagine staying there forever. But Fate had something else in mind because the seller was lying about the houses condition and soon the walls crumbled.

When Dreams come true...

Emelia thought long about it, but then she made a decision. She sued the house seller and he had to take the house back, with all the leaks and decrepit walls, and Emelia decided to never do the same mistake again. She had a hard time searching for a new home, but one afternoon she went on a trail ride along the river shore and visited the stone henge. This was the closest place to the sea and because the weather was clear she could see a small island just where the river met the sea. When she was back in Riverview the first thing she did was buying a ferry ticket. She visited the island and found out, that it was just perfect for her and her horses! The former owner was an old fishermen and he seemed honest and after talking with Elaina she decided she would move to that island.


There were no buildings at all, so Emelia had to build her center from scratch. She worked toegether with some architects to create a center she and her horses could live in forever. And after months of work it was finished and everything was just as Emelia hoped. The horses moved again, but it was the last time they did.