Pleasure events are rather easy competitions where every horse with every tack can participate. Even Ponies are allowed and encouraged to enter. In Pleasure Shows it's not about the competition, it's about the horses manner, its trustworthy and the riders safety and handling.


It combines various Gymkhana elements with smaller jumps and tasks that require the horse for example to stand still while a noisy sound is present, to cross a small brook, to gallopp around a barrel or to ride past other horses. They challenge the horses reliability, even in traffic, the surefootedness and the bond to the rider.


For this event judging is not done with points but for an overall impression on picture creativity and poses, the more creative / beautiful your photos are, the higher you can place. Also an aggressive horse or bad rider will place lower.

Earning Cumulative Points

Pleasure / Fun events don't earn you any cumulative points.

Horse Tack and Attire

  • Horses can either have western or english tack, with or without wraps and saddle pad and there are no color restrictions on the tack.
  • A saddle however is required.
    Choose the tack you feel most comfortable with!

  • Mane and tails can be cut,braided, long, short, however you want.

Rider Attire

  • Riders should wear western or riding boots and a longsleeve top.
  • Riding helmets are required for safety purposes.
  • Riders can be teens and older.