Welcome to the eventing page of Marigold Acres. Marigold Acres hosts various Events throughout the year which all require you to follow steps and picture the results. Those events earn you points which you should keep track of yourself, they can be cumulated together with other stables points. Also we accept other stable's point systems, which means if we require a horse to have at least 5 points to enter a show, those points can also be of a show not hosted by Marigold Acres.


To participate in a show hosted by Marigold Acres you need to read the following pages: 1. The page according to the type of event. There you will find general event rules as well as the required tack and rider appearance. 2. The eventing page; There's a link to each event in the overview. On the event page you will then find the required steps to complete the event as well as informations on how to enter.


If you read those two pages nothing can go wrong.