Goodbye (Foal Crop's New Owners) and Welcome!

Announcement - New owners!

I had a hard time deciding where the foals should go since I was sure that all the applicants would provide wonderful homes. But I still had to decide and I'm happy to announce the foals new owners.


MAE Morning Smoke

will go to Lizbeth of Vicentia Estates 

for a story she writes


MAE Far From Home

will go to Elin of Eastwind Equestrian Center

for her Oldenburg Line 


The other applicants should check back in summer (August) there will be another foal crop then, or, if you want, you can always request a personal breeding. I'd be happy to breed my horses for you since I know that you'd care lovely for them. 


For the new owners: Please add your prefix if you have one AFTER the one from Marigold Acres. You will get the foal through E-Mail in about ten minutes.

Welcome to our new foals!

The new foals are already introduced to the group and seem fine with them!


We are happy to welcome EEC MAE Anywhere But Here, DEE Only For You and RFE MAE LimitEd Moonlight to our Equestrian Center. While Anywhere But Here (Hera) and Only For You (Jasmine) will be great additions to our Oldenburg breeding programs, LimitEd Moonlight will be the foundation for our new Unicorn breeding program. While her celestial mother blessed her with a wonderful color her irish father shows in her conformation and we are very happy about her. She was a special breeding from our friend Lidija from Rotherford Farms Estate. The two oldenburg foals were part of foal crops and we can't say how happy and lucky we feel that we've been chosen as the new owners! Thank you both for choosing Marigold Acres as new homes for Hera and Jasmine.


The foals profiles will be up and actual the next few days, I currently have problems with my FTP.






Marigold Acres' Reopening!

Reopening of Marigold Acres

We have had a lot of great news to present! Finally we moved on our island and can now live happily here - if you want to see some pictures of our new home, please see the journal and accommodation pages. From now on all our show entries and pictures will be from Marigold Isle.


Also the complete website has changed and is updated now, we now have an event category as well as more informations about the facility. For example the website now also features a cash book where you can see all the breedings, sales and financial transactions of the household. The design changed too, as you should have seen already, and I am very keen on your opinions about it. I personally think it's more professional. The website is now fully completed.

Marigold Acres Reopening Event

Today Marigold Acres' first event starts! The event contains of a dressage, a show jumping and a cross country part so there are 3 pictures required. It is open untill 5th June and all breeds can enter. With this event we want to start up Marigold Acres again so we hope for many participants! Please click on the above banner or here to get to the event page.

Welcome to Sparkle and Raven!

We are very very happy to welcome two new foals to Marigold Acres! RFE MAE Special Midnight was first and soon got the name "Sparkle" due to her coat. We bought her from Rotherford Farms Estate. The second foal we bought from a foal crop was from Black Pearl Equestrian, her name is BPE MAE Reine De La Nuit and we called her Raven. Both of the horses are additions to our Belgian Warmblood Mix breed program.

Even more Foals

We also soon will be able to welcome another foal to our facility. This time it's an oldenburger filly called "Anywhere But Here" and we applied for one of the foals of Duke's Equine Estate. Also there are two foals born on Marigold Acres! Those are both oldenburgers and are for sale in the may foal crop found here. We also will soon breed black forest horses, a breed near extinction origined in germany. If everything goes well you'll soon be able to register black forest horses with us!