Spring has sprung...

Written by: Emelia, Owner

The first thing that happened today was that a ringing bell woke me up. In front of our apartment a gardener stood and asked me: "Do you want all the shrubs to be gone or just the annoying ones?" It took a while before I remembered that I called him times ago to shorten the grass on our pastures a bit. I told him what to do and then ate breakfast together with my sister. We talked about todays schedule - after coming back from the show jumping event King needed a rest and I decided to concentrate on Wanderlust.

After cleaning up the dishes I walked downstairs and took saddle, headstall and side reins with me. Time for some groundwork! After the move on the 5th of May Wanderlust had always behaved like an angel, but not today. I tried to circle him so he could calm down because he threw his head high and even tried to rear but either he wasn't walking at all and stand there throwing me faces or he behaved like a filly so I gave up after some time.

I decided to give him a last chance and mounted him, but still he wasn't in a good mood at all. All horses can have bad days sometimes and at the end I had to realize that this wasn't working at all. I was bringing him back on the pasture when all of sudden a snake came out of the bushes! Wanderlust reared and backed off but before the snake could hit me, King was there and started to hit it with his hooves. Soon it was dead. I later found out that the snake wasn't poisonous at all but I still was so proud of King!

The afternoon turned out to be a calm, relaxed one and when Sven came over to look after the foals Elaina and me asked him if he could stay for a while. We took the 3 O'Clock ferry to Corne and had a nice day at the city to celebrate the spring we could already feel. The weather was warm and we had a lot of fun shopping, eating ice cream cones and getting our hair made. I decided I would go blonde for the spring, but I'm not sure if that was the right decision...

Back at home Sven told me that Wanderlust had calmed down and that he had no problem working with him for half an hour. I then decided that me and my Sister would go on a trail ride again, this time to a place we called "Flower Springs". I got a picknick basked while she saddled up our horses and then we were good to go. Flower Springs was the only lake of the island and when the sun was shining the whole day you could swim in that lake while the sea was still too cold.

Elaina was riding Wanderlust for the first time since he worked well with Sven and they soon found a way to cooperate together. Elaina was getting better everytime she was sitting on a horse and I was very proud of her. She even wasn't too shy to put off her clothes (we both had our bathing suits under them) and jump into the water with me and the horses. Later on when we were dryed from the sun she saddled up Wanderlust again. I told her I wanted to stay for a litle longer. She went back home and I and King layed down and had a good rest.

Suddenly a shadow appeared and then I saw a handsome, smiling man. "Can I sit here?" he asked and pointed his finger on a spot across from me. I nodded. "I'm Lucas Heyne. err, Luke." "Em", was my short answer. It was such a peaceful moment, I just couldn't say much more. "This horse really likes you, eh?" he said, looking at the relaxed laying King. I nodded again. "You're not really up to talking, aren't you?" I smiled at him and he smiled back and then we just enjoyed the sun and the mild scent of the wildflowers and that was the moment when I fell for him.

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