A day to Remember

Written by Emelia, Owner

We had a hard time managing the reopening of Marigold Acres, things went wrong or didn't worked the way I wanted them to and Elaina and me were really stressed out, but it was a good day too. On top of organizing everything for the event, caring for the new-born foals and catching up with others we also had calm and quiet moments. Especially when the evening slowly came we could finally relax a bit. Now that I'm writing this I can hear soft neighing from the stable below, but most of the horses are asleep already. I'm tired too and can't wait to go to bed.

Besides all those events and organizing problems I found time to move Wanderlust from the Mare and Foal Stable over to the Main Stable. His training started today so he got his own box stall right below my apartment. I was a bit afraid that there would be any troubles with King since both are stallions, but King behaved well as always and they both reacted very friendly.


I took some time off this afternoon and went to our training ground with Wanderlust. I know him since he was a little foal, shy and timid he was brought to our old estate, but this was the first time I was riding him. The ground work already was done by Sven and I was glad for that. So I could just climb on his back and ride a few steps on him.

It took about fifteen minutes untill Wanderlust and I found a good rythm and both of us were relaxed. I was very proud of how well Dusty behaved and I caught myself admiring his conformation more than one time. Then I decided that I'd risk something - I called Elaina and we both met halfway to the beach, me riding Wanderlust and she riding King.


It was the most enjoyable ride I had since those problems with the old estate arised. Finally I could breathe again and all my worries were gone. I was feeling happy and merry and so we decided to galopp along the beach. Then we just stood there, watching the moon slowly descend and talking a little bit about everything that happened.

When the darkness slowly reached our Isle we turned around and went back home. The last rays of sun shined down on Marigold Acres as we got off the horses, brushed them and brought them into their box stalls. It was the most exciting and most relaxing day at the same time, and when I'll go to sleep in five minutes I'll know it for sure: This day was a day to remember.